Friday, August 10, 2012

Taking the Good with the Bad

Good: We had a fantastic vacation in Kiawah Island! It was so great to get out of town. The boys had a great time with their cousins, and they wore themselves out at the beach/pool every day.


Bad: We're back in Yuma. It's hot, ugly, boring and school doesn't start for another week. I am DONE with the summer.

Good: Running is going really well! This time last year, I was injured. I actually injured myself on our family vacation, and when we got back into town I began my relationship with this:

Alter G... We were together for about 8 weeks before I dropped her.

Bad: I'm still in Yuma and it's hot, ugly, and boring on my runs. My running partner moved away, and my husband's work schedule is precluding me from doing the race I really wanted to do next month. Plan B is now the Arizona Half Marathon on October 6th. Fingers crossed that it works out.

Good: I'm getting faster! Tuesday was my first official "track" workout. While Tuesday is my "speed" day, I've been doing repeats on the canal. I decided to head to the track to see if I was magically any faster than I am on the roads. I think I was! I'm not sure if it was because mentally, I knew how much longer I had to run based on my position on the oval. Maybe that somehow makes me push harder because I have the end in sight? Who knows? Anyway, my workout was 5 X 800 with 200 rest between sets. I logged a 3:22, 3:18, 3:17, 3:17 and rounded it out with a 3:08. Huh to 3:08? That's a great time for me! I think my Garmin was lying.

Bad: The track is ghetto, it's in a terrible part of town, and I have to drive there. There were about 12 shopping mall style walkers that I had to weave between during my workout. Boo. Also, did I mention that Yuma is hot, ugly, and boring?

Good: My husband put in for command and we should find out at the end of September where we will go. There are 3 possibilities, and all are good locations. We do have our hearts set on one of them, and at this point we are cautiously optimistic that we may end up there. We shall see! A few more weeks, and we'll know for sure!

Bad: We still live in Yuma. It's hot, ugly, and boring.