Friday, March 15, 2013

6 Weeks

It has taken me 6 weeks to fully recover from my marathon. Yikes. Just this week, I've been able to return to what I would consider "discomfort-free" running at a pace that reflects my running fitness.

To be completely honest, I've had to step away from blogs because many of them have left me feeling completely lame. So many runners seems to be able to "bounce back" pretty quickly, but I felt completely broken after this last marathon, and it's been a tough road back. In a way, I almost feel like I am starting over completely. My mileage has been fairly minimal due to both physical issues as well as logistical ones.

I knew that the spring would SUCK with my husband traveling frequently... and boy does it. Our household is set up for two parents and when he is gone. Holy hell. The stress of taking care of three kids, managing my "almost" full-time job, and fitting in running is HARD. Over the past few weeks, those "extras" that you are supposed to be doing while running have been nonexistent for me. Hmmmm. Maybe that's part of the reason it's taken me 6 weeks to recover and not 2-3? (DUH):

  • Hydrating--What's that?
  • Eating properly--Um...
  • Core work-NOT
  • Strength training-Next
  • Foam rolling, stretching, massage-LOL
  • Getting enough sleep-Zzzzzzzz. Huh? What? (I'm pretending to fall asleep and then wake up at the computer if that wasn't obvious to you.)
Anyway, it is what it is. Trying to get motivated here to get back to those much needed things before I injure myself again.

I ordered some Nuun to help me get motivated to drink more! And also because my kids were asking for it. They love the "fizzy tablets" as they call them. 

Anyone tried the cherry limeade flavor? I'm excited!

And a quick kid brag before I head off to grade approximately 2643 papers. Last week was the 2013 Arizona Short Course Age Group Championships (aka: state meet). Not going to lie... It was cold, windy, and rainy Friday-Saturday, and Evan had a rough meet. He pulled it together on sunny Sunday, however, and qualified for the 100-yd breaststroke finals. He ended up finishing 16th overall in the 100-yd breast and 17th overall in the 50-yd breast. Proud of my little guy for breaking the top 20 in the 10-Under age group for the ENTIRE STATE. There were only a handful of 9 year-olds who made it to finals (mostly 10 year-olds... that extra year makes a big difference). Looking forward to continuing to watch him grow as an athlete.

Check out everyone in the background all "parka'd" up. Poor Evan was FREEEEEEEEZING. I'm proud of him for even jumping into the pool!