Sunday, April 14, 2013

Springing Back Slowly

Ok, I'm going to try to get this one done quickly because I'm trying to log some extra sleep... More on that in a bit.

So 3 weeks ago, I ran a "fun run." It was awesome. Can I just say that I am glad I had the foresight before my marathon in January to know that anything run in the next few months following it would (and should) be just for "fun?" I told myself that I wouldn't be racing again until the fall. When my girlfriend and I toed the line at the Hot Chocolate 15K in San Diego, there wasn't a thought in my mind of running anywhere but by her side. So I did. It was great. I think we ran right around a 9:30 pace. Easy breezy comfy Sunday stroll.

Complete with hot chocolate and fondue at the end in lieu of a medal. Seriously the most enjoyable race I've ever done.

In May I'm doing some traveling and I plan on running back-to-back halves with two more girlfriends. It'll be more of the same! I can't wait. More on that in my next post.

For now, I'm trying to survive a 17-day stint with the hubs gone. ((sigh))

A little perspective though. My girlfriend pictured with me above... Her husband just got back from a YEAR in Afghanistan. Oh, and she has four kids too. Two sets of twins. God bless her. She really is my hero. Truly an amazing mom, wife, and friend!
My running has been coming along. I'm still not feeling incredible though I will say that I feel better actually running most days than I do walking around. So weird! I ended up back on Strength Running a couple of days ago and found a post that talked about a "Body Maintenance Day." It's really nothing new, but it was a reminder to myself (once again) that, "Hey, you should be doing this stuff." Jason Fitzgerald lists the following items for a Body Maintenance Day:

  • 100% clean and healthy diet – no cheating
  • light core workout, but nothing too taxing
  • foam roller on all body parts
  • ice bath
  • an extra 1+ hours of sleep
  • no taxing work like yard care or home maintenance
  • no alcohol
  • compression socks worn all day

I did almost all of the items it talked about except for a couple. This morning was a pancake breakfast fundraiser at my oldest sons' school, so I went ahead and graciously accepted the stack o' hotcakes and two sausages. Not exactly part of a "clean and healthy" diet, but I really would have felt like a huge snob if I'd have gone through the line and said, "No thanks." Anyway, the rest of the day was clean and healthy, so I consider it a 90% success.

Then I got home and was supposed to do: light core workout, foam rolling, ice bath (as per his directions in the post).

I completely forgot the core workout. Don't ask me why.

I did spend about 45 minutes with my foam roller (and trigger point kit), however. Yay! I was really good about foam rolling in the later stages of my marathon training but have since neglected it.

Right afterwards, I had my youngest and middle sons help me out with my ice bath (my oldest was volunteering at the pancake breakfast). They were a little too excited about this, I have to say. They loved pouring ice into the tub and listening to me scream.

My youngest also thought I needed some toys with me in the tub... to include a pair of goggles and a toothbrush (??).

Afterwards, I donned the compression gear (socks and shorts). 

While I was dying for one earlier, I didn't have a drink. And I'm about to go to bed and get a bit of extra sleep (probably not an hour though). So all in all, it's been a pretty good maintenance day. Excited to see how I feel tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it's almost time for Boston! Woohoo!!