Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'm Lame!

Whoa. Looks like I've been in a major blogging slump, eh? Truth is, it's hard for me to be motivated to blog with 40 followers, 5 of whom actually read and comment on my blog. Hahaha! Seriously though, I understand that in order to have followers, you have to be reciprocal in your blogging etiquette, and I simply don't have time to comment on 75 other blogs so that said blogs can come follow me. Sorry! At any rate, for the 5 people who actually read/comment, here goes:

  • I headed back to the classroom on August 17th. I teach 2 English classes and recently picked up a tutoring gig on the days I don't teach. I'm busy enough to almost consider myself "too busy." It's good though. My monthly paycheck covers 1.5 private school tuitions (for two kids). Or daycare and .5 private school tuition (for one kid). Whatever way you look at it. Every little bit helps, right?
  • Running is going well!
  • I decided to quit Daily Mile. I just couldn't be bothered to fool with it anymore. I already log my data on an Excel spreadsheet anyway. Seemed redundant to double log it, and I don't feel like commenting on other people's workouts.
  • 4 weeks ago I got chased down by this on my long run:
I had one of these guys growing up. Maybe he sensed it and that's why he let me get away. At any rate, no more running on the nearby Indian Reservation.
  • 2 weeks ago I ran in a half marathon. It's the one that I was supposed to do last year, but I got injured. Holy cow. It was the toughest course I've ever done. If you click on the link above, you'll see why. I am way too lazy right now to download my splits, but there were some pretty slow ones. The hills and heat were ROUGH. Luckily, my hot weather training paid off because I managed the heat fine. It was amazing to see the fading on the course, however, by others who weren't used to the heat. Never seen so many walkers during a race in my life! It was crazy! I finished in 1:45:20 and placed 2nd in my AG, so I was pretty happy with that. The overall female winner ran a 1:33. I looked her up on Athlinks, and she's a 1:2X halfer in most of her races, so it just proved to me again how difficult the course was.
  • I'm planning on running in a local 5K on October 5th. I'm scared. 5Ks seem brutal. I actually cannot remember the last time that I did one. 
  • I'm hoping to do another half on November 4th in Phoenix. TBD, as we're trying to be mindful of our spending... Need to see if I can shack up with some friends first instead of forking out $$$ for a hotel. I'd rather not.
  • We're waiting to hear our fate for our next set of orders. Could be this week! We're looking at San Diego, Washington D.C., or Forth Worth, TX. We're partial to San Diego, but at this point, we'll take anything. We've grown tired of the desert.
  • I saw my first Yuma barefoot runner the other day. Seeing the bare feet was a bit odd, but what made it really weird was the fact that she was wearing ski mitts. I'm assuming they were gloves. They actually looked like oven mitts, to be honest. What the hell? It was 80 degrees (6:30 am). People are so weird here.
  • Oh, it's still hot here in case you were wondering. The mornings are definitely getting better, but they aren't great. The afternoons are still brutal. Another 5 more weeks of HEAT. I'm hoping I can make it. I think I can, I think I can...
And with that, off to get going on the never-ending household chores...