Thursday, July 21, 2011


I must be in denial about races with hills.

First, there was the Derby Festival Marathon hills. Miles 10-12 = not too fun (especially with the sun coming out). Miles 22-24 = not fun AT ALL on dead legs.

I forgot that Louisville had some hills. I even trained on those mile 10-12 hills in high school. I completely must have blocked them out of my mind!!

I googled the Heartbreak Ridge Half this morning to see if I could find the course.

I came across a blog entry from a guy who ran it last year.

What the what? 

Well duh. Why else would the race be called "Heartbreak" Ridge?

Looks like it's an out and back course. You go up a ginormous hill, down to the bottom of another one, turn around, and then run right back up that sucker.

It's a good thing that I've been incorporating some hill repeats into my weekly workouts. I think I need to incorporate some into my long runs as well.

7 weeks from Saturday!!!!

Any other tips for me???

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  1. Holy Hills!! Gosh, I don't know that I have many tips. Just use those down hills and work the uphills. Easier said than done. My husband said something that really worked with my visual brain when we were going down a hill the other night..all about being perpendicular with the ground when you are going down those hills...use it and lean into it so that you're not pulling back like breaks...but you know this. :) Good luck!!