Monday, July 11, 2011

Napa Valley Part III: That's a Wrap

Ok, last post about Napa. Promise.

So here we are on our final full day.

Gotta be honest. Even if it were the Orient Express, it would have been nearly impossible to top the day prior. 

That being said, we were still a little surprised when we went inside... 

 There was a little bit of this... And by this, I don't really mean LiLo. I mean there was a chick who was wearing black pantyhose (in July?!?!) with the control top portion sticking out of her skirt. 

 Saw some of this...

Saw random Rockabilly couple. 

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

It was some good people watching. And I'm not kidding when I tell you that Mike looked over at me before we boarded the train and asked me if I thought one of the stops would be at Walmart so people could get their bargain shopping done. 

Here I am on the train. Note the old-timey decor behind me.

So that's about it for the train.


*I giggled at the people across from me because they were drinking a bottle of white zin (In Napa?!?!).

*We ate our lunch (not too bad) and then were sent to the "dessert car"afterwards. Our table was right by the shitter. Nothing like the savory smell of ass as you're trying to eat your chocolate cake.

*Mike and I laughed hard at some douchebag who actually "swished" wine in his mouth during his tasting. This is after he stuck his nose in the glass, whiffed it and acted like it was Opus One (SO NOT). Who does that? 

*It took forever and we were ready to get off by 2:30.

On the way back, we decided to stop off at a winery I had passed on my run.

Paraduxx Winery. Gorgeous. 

And to start off Mike's 40th right, we ate at Hurley's for dinner.

The name was quite fitting. Sure felt like this after dinner.

And that's that!

See you again in a few, Napa Valley. 

I Love You, Allison

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  1. ROFL!!!! I can't stop laughing at the dessert car and your seat being next to the shitter! Klassy for sure! ;)