Saturday, July 9, 2011

Napa Valley Part IIa

Why Part IIa? Two reasons. I know you are probably like me and have a short attention span + I have a 2-year old trying to drink (spill) my cold cup of coffee while I blog. Time is of the essence, people.


This time last week I was finishing up a gorgeous 13-miler on the Silverado Trail in the Stags Leap District in Yountville/Oakville. Sure, I had been stared down by an ominous black bull in a pasture (and I picked up the pace...Yikes), and I also ran past a freshly killed baby deer on the side of the road (poor guy). Despite that, it was in the 60s, I could see fog from my breath, hot air balloons launching from the hillside, and I got a view of several gorgeous wineries. Ahhhhhh. Perfection.

I got back to the room, showered, went to breakfast with Mike and had a GIANT freshly made Belgium waffle loaded with fruit, syrup and whipped cream. Yum.

At 10:00 am, this arrived to whisk us away on one of the Best. Days. Ever.

 G Money

 Shoot. Too much light.

 Look what was waiting for us inside.

Champagne at 10 am? Don't mind if I do.

And here come the wineries!!!!!

1st stop... Silenus Winery. We bought a $75 bottle of Cab here. Throttle back, Johnsons!

 Next... Salvestrin Winery. This one was really fun.

 We got a tour of the vineyards. Very educational. Holy cow, there is a lot to know about growing grapes.

 Really old. I think he said Dr. Crane planted this one in 1912 maybe? 1908? Whatever. It's old. Did you know that grape vines are good for about 30 years? Then they need to be torn out and new ones planted.

 Tough day.

 Next up... Regusci Winery


 Perfect place for a picnic lunch. Our driver hooks us up. Can you believe this royal treatment? I almost feel like Princess Kate. Almost.

Vineyard dog. There were signs everywhere asking people not to feed him. Hahaha! I don't think anyone listened.

Artistic FAIL. Step away from the camera, Mike.

To be continued... Post lunch tour coming soon! Hiccup.


  1. Envy burns my soul! It looks like such an incredible trip!

  2. Can't wait to hear the rest! and now you have a great reason to come back: there are several hundred other wineries to visit. and restaurants. and bulls

  3. Awww, hey there lovely lady! Love these fun! I must do this with my hubs one of these days. :) Love how casual your husband is dressed...that is so how my husband prefers. :)