Saturday, July 30, 2011

Miss Me?

I'm sure all of my 23 followers have all been on the edge of their seats. Where is she?!? Where is she?!? Bahahahaha!

We're on vacay... in sunny AZ.


Don't we live in sunny AZ?


We're currently two hours north with extended family.

And of course, we're still working out...

Doing some lat pull-downs on random exercise equipment on the back porch. 
(I think the broom gives it a nice touch, don't you? Also, I super love Mike's hair with the middle part and bangs.)

Gettin' huge!!!

Perfecting the "Flying Squirrel"
(God, I love this...)

Working on our jumps.

Small deduction for the splash.

Go Colin!!

Working on our back flips.

And our front flips.
(My husband took this. Thanks for the asstastic photo, honey. Notice how I made it small.)

Also working on our Wipeout auditions.

I'm still getting my runs in! My 5-year old took this. Don't you love the patterned vertical blinds in background? Let's get a close up.

AAAACK!!! Super creepy (blinds and me). I went a little crazy with the touch-up function on iPhoto, and now I look blurry and WEIRD. Yikes!

I strained my calf while I was here. Not good. Totally bummed. 

10 miles tomorrow instead of 15. New shoes on order (Brooks Launch). Fingers crossed for a quick recovery. 

I swear. 

You get one thing fixed (strained hip flexor) and then another thing goes to HELL

Here's to being almost 36! Boo.


  1. first of all, look at you!! Looking awesome, lady! Second, the blinds? Bringing back the 80's...or was it 90's? I'm getting old! Third, glad I'm not the only one who has tried the touch up function and totally made myself look like I had botox!! :) FOURTH....BOOOO to the strained calf. Hope it doesn't slow your training down...and the launch?? jealous. Wish I had gone with the launch over ghosts. Next shoe for sure.

  2. Of course we missed you! I follow no other people that I know of that post asstastic pictures:)

    Looks like you guys are having a great time! Love the pics! I'm looking forward to a little of that this week with my family! Mom (aka me-ha) is going to try to avoid a concussion on the wakeboard this year.....sometimes she forgets she is actually middle aged...

    Hope your calf heals up soon! I love the Brooks Launch. Hope you like them:)

  3. That diving board and lake looks like SO much fun! Very cool that you have something like that only a couple of hours away.

    I hope the calf behaves for you. Try a compression sleeve on your runs for a while.

  4. You look freaking fantastic! You have awesome shoulders!

    I hope the calf heals quickly! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!