Friday, July 8, 2011


So... Napa Part II or Whiny McBitchfest? We'll go with the latter for now.

I am officially justified in my bitching now. The Weather Channel has identified Yuma as the country's hottest city. 

Yes, I'm bitter. Very bitter.

I'm feelin' ya, kid. I actually did flip off the sun this morning. I really did. Ask my running partner, Kim. She laughed.

I got back from my 8-miler and sucked down a container of coconut water. Then I went outside to see if the pool would be refreshing. Since it felt like a bathtub, I opted to spend a couple of minutes doing some cryogenic chamber therapy. our garage deep freezer.

Alternative super sexy view.

I truly can't believe I have SEVERAL more months of this BS. 


  1. I feel ya! Too bad I don't have a freezer that big! haha. Tucson is't as bad though, but you still have to get out EARLY if you don't want to feel like you're dying.

  2. Whiny McBitchfest!! Ha ha-LOVE it!! Over 100-ISHH!!! It's a sweltering mess here right now too but our highs are more like your lows and I still can't stand it. I had not thought of cryogenic chamber therapy. This is BRILLIANT! Hmmm-my garage freezer is full of wild animals-not to eat but to save for some unexplained reason?????

  3. I've given the sun the finger before, too!