Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mind/Body Connection

I'm no wimp.

I gave birth twice without any pain medication.

I made it through endless hours of killer, take-your-breath-away contractions.

Look at my husband yawning while I am suffering through a contraction. Bored, honey?
He's lucky my eyes were closed. I might have punched him in the face had I seen this.

Demon spawn. This must have been after a good contraction. I look too happy.

I survived the "ring of fire." You know, the excruciating moment that the baby's head comes out and you feel as if your crotch is going to spontaneously combust? They don't call it the ring of fire for nothing.

Oh, and how about when the doctor starts punching your stomach and then reaches up your hoo-hah to yank out the placenta? That may have actually been the worst part now that I think about it.

And yet here I am, over 2-1/2 years post-birth finding that my body is breaking when I reach the 40 mile per week mark. It kind of happened during marathon training as well. Something about 40 mpw, and my body is all, "Hey, hey, hey... Whatcha think you're doing?"

During marathon training, I had slight ITB issues right around my peak week (40 miles). I panicked and went straight to my chiropractor when it happened, and we were able to stave it off.

Then came post-marathon L hip flexor issues.

A couple of weeks ago I was convinced that I had osteitis pubis (My coach e-laughed and told me he was surprised I even have a pubis symphysis after pushing out 3 kids! Ha!)

Now a R strained calf (right around 38 miles).

What the heck?!?!?!

It's frustrating when you are so strong in mind but seemingly weak in the body.

I will say that I'm powering through. My calf seems to be getting better after almost a week of much slower mileage, lots of icing, stretching, foam rolling and new shoes. Miss Zippy was cool enough to leave a comment on my blog suggesting that I use a calf compression sleeve. I ordered one, and hopefully it will be here for my 15-miler on Sunday.

I'm hoping I can sail through this like I did my ITB issues in the spring.

Perhaps the body is made for birth but not for pounding the pavement day in and day out?

Do you have constant nagging injuries and/or aches and pains with your running?

Is there a certain mileage that you reach where your body starts thinking of going on strike?


  1. Oh, woman, now I will fear birth for another good 3-4 years! I find that my body holds together pretty well in the 20-35 mile per week range and I try not to push it too much beyond that these days. I'm not an elite athlete and I would rather be a tad undertrained than injured due to overuse.

  2. Can't answer your running questions but I can't stop laughing at the first half of your post! Before reading I looked at the first picture and I thought Mike was making an "OMG this has to hurt" face! LOL!

  3. You are tough as nails, girlfriend! I did my first birth sans pain meds but second go around I caved!

    I've read many times over that every body has a "breaking point" with mileage. It sounds to me like 40 is yours. So now that you know it, own it and make the most of it. 40 is plenty to run well at all distances as long as you have the quality in there.

  4. You are SO strong and amazing! I agree with Miss Zippy, we all have our edges and they need to be respected. 40 mpw is plenty to run well at all distances including the marathon! i have had itb and hip issues, too. the only thing i know for sure is that rolling, stretching, yoga and core strengthening alllll help. a lot. and of course just listening to your body and responding to what it is telling you. you are doing awesome!!!

  5. this is so timely, because I was just going through pictures of my sister giving birth a couple hours ago, and I was just in awe of the whole ordeal. It has been on my mind nonstop! she gave a home birth, no drugs, no nothing. it is an amazing thing. I have to admit, you look a lot more comfortable than she did (you are less red, less screaming...and more clothed. She was 100% naked).

    your body sure can do incredible things. I really hope you feel great and healthy, and I believe you will get your 1:45!!!