Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

I love ya... Tomorrow!
You're only a day away!!!!!

And when I say "you're," I mean:

A regular treadmill

After 18 (19 counting tomorrow) days of Alter G and 6 hours, 45 minutes of pool running (3 straight weekends of it), I am doing a test walk/run on a REGULAR treadmill on Sept 1st. Bring it!!! 

Disclaimer: I realize that my 3-1/2 weeks of rehab is NOTHING, but in Runners' years, it's like 6 months. Right?

Please send me strong, healthy leg vibes for Thursday!


  1. oh good luck on Tuesday girl!!! leg vibes coming your way!

  2. tomorrow is your day!! go get'em!! Patience is a virtue!! I apparently don't have it.