Friday, August 5, 2011

Daddy-o at the Pool-io

Dumb title, but I had nothin'. Brain is fried from excessive heat.

Yesterday Mike competed in an intramural swim meet at the Marine Corps base. Truth be told, he was thinking it might be a little stupid, but he actually had some pretty good competition!

The guy to Mike's R was a swimmer in college.

Darn! Teeny Speedo Man is just a smidge ahead of Mike at the wall!

And, that's about it for sports photos. I had to deal with this:

Taking a dip in my clothes? Don't mind if I do...

The young, concerned Marines right behind me probably thought I was the worst mom in the world. See, Colin just learned how to swim. Now, I'm not going to go make myself a sandwich while he's in the pool or anything, but I don't panic if his hand slips off the side and he goes under. He totally understands the concept of taking a deep breath, holding your breath while under the water, paddling to the top, and repeating the whole thing all over again. 

So when he went under and one young Marine semi-panicked and said, "He went in!" and jumped out of his lawn chair, I reassured him that he knows how to swim. I walked over, helped guide Colin to the wall and that was that. No need to panic. If your kiddo sees you freak out, what do you think they're going to do? We've always been VERY calm with the kids in the water, and that's probably why they are so comfortable in it.

Sometimes they are too comfortable, unfortunately, so we *do* have to watch Colin like a hawk.

Meanwhile, Tyler was...

Preparing for the Warrior Dash? Survivor auditions? Who knows?

Overall, it was a solid showing for Mike. He sort of killed himself on his first event: 50 yard free (29 something seconds) and took 1st. Then he got overconfident on his 50 yard fly, thought he was ahead at the turn (not) and Speedo Guy beat him right at the wall. Shoot! 

Results: 1st in 50 free (29.XX), 2nd in 50 fly (33.XX) , 2nd in 50 breast (34.XX), 2nd in 200 free (2:52). 

See the trophy? He ended up winning 2nd place in Team Points. So VMFT-401 with it's ONE competitor takes second place in the competition. Who said there's no "me" in team? 

Congrats, Honey!

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  1. He laid down some mighty nice results there! Too bad about teeny speedo man. Why are there still men wearing those?!

    And I'd so be there with you on the way you handled your little guy in the pool. No need to panic nice well meaning Marine!