Thursday, August 18, 2011

Latest and Greatest

Two of my boys started school last week:

Precious Catholic Schoolboys... If I do say so myself.

I started back to work as a part-time community college English instructor. It has been ROUGH getting to class by 8:00 am. In fact, I was late 3 out of 4 days. I suck. I gave my kids free passes this week for being late. Can't be a hypocrite. I just couldn't get there in time though with both hubby gone and having a friend (who had a rough week too) take my older two to school. 

Speaking of hubby... he actually came home early with this:
Maybe not the "rupture" part but definitely the diverticulitis part. You can google it if you are interested. It's NASTY. Poor guy.

My 36th birthday is today. I had this to celebrate:

Cold Stone Cake Batter Delux cupcake. DELISH.

I went to the doctor on Tuesday to see about my leg. It's not likely a stress fracture. Hell, it's not even shin splints. She's thinking it's a severely strained calf muscle. I'm still Alter G-ing it. My coach is having me do 15 minutes elliptical and 45 minutes Alter G each day. It's working for me. My leg is healing. I went from feeling BLAH at 25-35% of my body weight 10 days ago to doing a few minutes at 70% today and feeling pretty good. If only I could get the head personal trainer dude to STFU and leave me alone with his daily lectures on how I am continuing to injure myself... SO OVER his unsolicited advice. Yada, yada, yada about your hamstring injury when you were a sprinter years ago and how it took months to heal. I. DON'T. CARE.


I'm doing Alter G in both my Brooks Launch and in these:

Saucony PowerGrid Cortanas. LOVE. $$$ but so far, so worth it. I'm pretty sure my Brooks Glycerins have been part of the problem with my recent injuries. We've had a love affair for 2 years, but it's officially over. More on my new 3-shoe rotation later...

I'm remaining cautiously optimistic that this is my last weekend of pool running, and next week will be my last week on the Alter G. Not sure if I will be able to run my Sept. 10th half marathon. At this point, I'm simply hoping that I can do it as a nice LSD training run. We shall see.


  1. Oh my word. They ARE precious Catholic school boys!

    OK, I googled that and I don't want it. Yes, poor guy!!

    Happy Birthday! I will be 36 in 6 weeks and I must have one of those cupcakes! Dang, no Coldstone here. I will have to settle for Dairy Queen. Glad your leg is feeling better. I was looking at those Cortanas online. $$$$ is right! Glad you like them.

    Continue to heal up!

  2. are those minimalist shoes? they look nice...

  3. Sort of, I think? They aren't super lightweight, but they have a low heel drop thingamabob ratio whatever, so they force you more into a more mid-foot strike. I have heard that they are a beefed up version of the Kinvaras.

  4. first of all, happy belated birthday!!! I'm going to have to find me one of those cupcakes! Yum!! second, tell that trainer to stuff it...that you have one of the best coaches in the world (i don't know if he is) and he has instructed you on your training/rehab! Those trainers have serious ego, i tell you. Hope your injury is completely gone SOON!! I admit, you have been in the back of my mind with this tendonitis thing. I'm smarter than I've been acting with it. I know that. I just have to figure out how to pull the plug before my body forces me too!