Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Patience and a New Plan

I'm continuing to chug along in rehab mode.

This week, I've been cautiously optimistic, and I've hoped to get to 80% (or more) of my body weight on the Alter G.

After thinking that I maybe overdid it a bit yesterday on the AG (residual soreness), I managed to eeeek out 80% today for the final 10 minutes of my 50-minute run. I felt pretty good. I'm sure part of that had to do with my brand new shoes. With this pair, my triad of shoes to rotate is complete.

Finish Line had a sale last week on these Saucony Shadow Genesis. I  paid $73 total (including tax and shipping). How could I resist?

Yesterday, I officially CANNED the Heartbreak Ridge Half. Not like there's anything really *official* about that. Did I have a press conference? No. The fact of the matter is that I won't be ready. Not even to treat it as an easy training run.

I did sign up for the Temecula Half Marathon though. It's a small (capped at 200 peeps) race in Southern Cali's version of Napa Valley. It actually takes place at a winery (Mount Palomar Winery). It's on October 23rd, so there's time for me to get healthy and ready to race.

My fingers are crossed that I will be back on the roads by September 1st. I've been busting my bum on the Alter G and in the pool (on weekends), so I'm hoping that I've only lost a little bit of fitness. Time will tell!!


  1. oooo i love the new shoes! and that race in napa sounds wonderful. i know it is so disappointing to bow out of a race, but you are so smart to listen to your body and it is great that you already have a new goal in site!

  2. awesome. That race through the winery sounds beautiful! love the orange!

  3. I love the shoes!! I am so impressed that you register for half marathons while still hurt! I have no doubt you will get there!