Monday, April 18, 2011

Am I Tiger Mom?

Good question. It depends on the day. Or more accurately, the season.

As much as I HATE Yuma summers, they at least bring an end to the winter (and essentially non-existent Spring) swim season. Winter is the season where I hear the following frequent complaints/excuses as to why we should skip out on swim practice (every day):

1) I'm cold.

Ok, this one is legit. When the only body fat that you have on you is the amount that surrounds your vital organs, a cold swimming pool can't be fun. Poor guy. That being said, I think it's 50% discomfort and 50% dramatics. The answer lies in getting in the pool and actually swimming, not putzing around like a sourpuss and getting even colder. There are other skinny kids on the team too, and they're just fine.

2) I have a headache.

3) I have diarrhea.

4) I'm tired (It's tough being in second grade.).

5) (crying...with crocodile tears): "My friend Devon keeps talking to me all the time in the pool. All I want to do is swim, and he keeps talking to me! He keeps asking me what's up. What's up, Evan? What's up, Evan? What's up, Evan? He says it after every lap!!"

Ok, that one was my favorite. Hard not to laugh when he was giving me this one. Evan loves Devon. They are like fric and frac during practice and meets.

The next day (after I made him go to practice) he admitted that #5 was ridiculous.

I had to be Tiger Mom during the winter. But I was Tigerish with love. Would Tiger Mom bribe her baby with a doughnut or Dairy Queen before swim practice? Or promise extra dessert after dinner? (Hey, whatever works.) Would Tiger Mom check in with her kid and ask him if he wants to quit? Mike and I have told Evan repeatedly that he does not have to do this. Of course, we see his potential and want him to stick with it, but we're not going to FORCE him to swim. He is welcome to walk away at any time. Really and truly.

After the meet this weekend where Evan PRd on 3 events, I've never been happier that I was Tigerish this winter. My Tiger Baby actually had the "Eye of the Tiger" on Saturday. He raced over to me after each of his events, told me his time and then asked me if he had "shaved off" any time. He actually cared!

"Yes, you did, honey." Each time he came over I got to give him a great report.

14 seconds off your 100 Free
6 seconds off your 50 Breast
2 seconds off your 50 Free.

Seeing his eyes light up when I told him that he may have just qualified for State in the 50 Breast (still waiting for official times) was awesome. He's really been working hard the past few weeks, and it's paying off.

More importantly, he's back to having fun.

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