Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm Not Dead

How 'bout a quick post while the coffee finishes brewing and my littlest one watches some Wubbzy?

Currently my three oldest boys (yes, that includes daddy) are in Scottsdale for Regional Championships. Colin and I decided to stay behind because well... It's just tough having all 3 boys at all-day swim meets. It usually results in a lot of unnecessary drama/bickering... between all of us! Tyler and Colin get bored and act out. I get frustrated and end up dealing with all of that because Mike needs to make sure that Evan is set to go for his events. So this weekend we thought it would be a nice change to split everyone up. Although I'm bummed that I don't get to see Evan swim, it's worked out really nicely. Mike said the boys are behaving so well... almost *scary* well. Colin is being sweet too and is enjoying the individual attention he's getting from me.

Anyway, Evan managed to qualify for States in the 50 Free last night. That makes 5 State-qualifying times! So proud of him and can't wait to see him shine next month.

I have 1 week left of my visual/technological literacy class and then I move into one more 7-week class...and then GRADUATION! I am so excited. Grad school with 3 little kids, a part-time job, and marathon training has been THE WORST. What was I thinking?

And now onto running!

4 weeks until Valley of Gold Half. I'm feeling really good. I'm optimistic that if I can stay healthy, I can bust through my PR (1:42:06). A couple of weeks ago, I was having some L calf issues. Not sure what that was about. Wearing my zero-drop shoes and doing speedwork too soon? Pushing the paces too much post-marathon? Who knows?

My running partner brought over some KT Tape one day.

She taped my calf and off we went. I decided to buy a (pink) roll for myself and use it a few more times, and well... calf pain gone in a week or so. Coincidence? Not sure. Perhaps it was a placebo and the injury just cleared up on its own. Either way, I'll take it! Whatever works. 

I also found a fantastic running shoe deal on

Last year's Saucony Mirage for $49.99 and FREE SHIPPING! Yes, please!

I've only run in the Mirage once, but it seems like a solid shoe that will work for me. I was looking for another pair to rotate into my 4-pair collection. The Mirage is very, very mild stability and the reviews that I found on it say that it is a less sloppy version of the Kinvara. I think it leans minimalist but is a little bit more shoe than the Kinvara.

Today, I have 6 miles on the schedule and tomorrow will be 16. Still sort of easing back into things but trying to up the intensity and pick up the paces if my body allows it. I'll close with 48 miles this week and be back in the 50s in March. 

See ya soon!!!


  1. I got some Kinvaras from Overstock last month - $39.99 and free shipping. Awesome!

  2. Overstock is the best. Congrats to your Evan. And double congrats for being on the verge of finishing school!!!

  3. I'm also not dead-ha! You and I have quite similar lives in some respects actually, minus the obvious weather difference and the fact that our kids are involved in completely different sports. We split up around here nearly every weekend. I hate missing any of my kids activities.....Super Congrats to Evan!!!

    To add to the fun, I am having some right calf or tendon, achilles, pereoneal WTF going on:) Same thoughts about incorporating newer low heel drop shoes into the mix too much for me at this point.

    Best of luck with the running and training and Go get 'em Evan!

  4. Evan is amazing-- huge congrats to him!! Glad your calf is happy again- I've never tried the tape, but I'm sure it helped. Sounds to me like you'll be able to crush your old pr, too!

  5. Glad you are getting some one-on-one time with the littlest. That works well for me too. Sorry you have to miss the meet though!

    What a great deal on the shoes! thank goodness you got past the calf thing. After my first marathon I got back to speed too soon and had a calf issue as well. Maybe it's a recovery period thing.

    Your mileage is picking back up nicely :) Looks like you are shaping up for a PR half!!

  6. Wow--5 qualifying times for states! That's just awesome. I totally get not taking the others to the meet though--it's just a long day. We always go single parent to my son's meets so that we don't have to drag my daughter along.

    Yes, calf issues sometimes come with the territory with the lower heels. I have been through a long adjustment period with mine, but hopefully am completely good to go now and am enjoying the benefits of the growing pains!