Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Break, SLOTH, and Six Weeks!

Should be grading papers, doing my homework, doing my son's homework (Ha! It's a shark research project... you know how that kind of thing goes... Who ends up doing most of the work?), but I thought I'd check in quickly and let you know what I'm up to.

Last week was spring break. We went to Naples, FL to visit the in-laws and stay in their beautiful condo.

Check out this ocean view... Gorgeous.

I had a 55-mile week planned. My long run of 20-miles was first up on Sunday (we arrived Sat. night).


This girl is *not* used to that anymore. While I've lived in high humidity places before (Ohio River Valley, Florida, Texas), I have long forgotten what it's like, nor did I train for marathons in these places.

It was hard to breath when I started. The air was so thick and moist! I didn't think I was going to make it those first couple of miles. I settled into my groove, took in the beautiful scenery and ended up completing my run around 8:47P, which is pretty much what I had planned to do. My long run goal pace for this cycle is 8:40-8:45ish. Or pretty much anything below 9:00P works, really.

By Thursday, I was DONE. I did easy on Monday, a solid speed workout on Tuesday (2 X 2 miles), easy on Wed. and then I woke up Thursday morning and both my body and mind said, "11 miles is NOT happening today. Sorry." 

Could it be because of this the day prior?

Yes. That is 3 pounds of ice cream topped with peanut butter sauce and a ramekin of hot fudge on the side. I ate 90% of it. My husband ate the other 10%. I am DISGUSTING.

The combination of the world's largest sundae, the heat/humidity, and 4 nights of sharing a bed with 2 little munchkins who kicked me and screamed out at all hours of the night (3-bedroom condo) finally did me in. I skipped my first run of this training cycle. Felt guilty but it is what it is, and my coach actually gave me a, "Good for you!" so I felt better when all was said and done.

Pasadena is 6 weeks away, and I'm feeling a bit tired already. I did have a pretty solid long run today (18.55 miles @ 8:36P), so I'm feeling encouraged that my body is going to be able to hold up for 42 more days. I DEFINITELY need to get back to the gym, however, because I do notice that I'm feeling rickety (knees, hips). I have completely neglected weight training for a good month now.

I also need to really watch my diet (no more Chevy Suburban-sized sundaes) and start logging more hours in the sack. This next week will have me peaking at my highest mileage ever--60 miles! Yikes!

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter today. We made it through Mass with no major behavior issues and even managed to have a decent family photo taken before we walked into church. SCORE!!!

Betcha didn't know I was wearing compression shorts underneath my dress. Now you do! Bahahaha!


  1. Oh, I don't do heat and humidity either! That was one heck of a sundae! Best of luck with your 60 miles this week!

  2. I totally wore compression shorts under my wedding dress. Shhh....don't tell anyone. I also wore my running shoes during the reception. Most comfortable bride EVER! Happy Easter!

  3. Beautiful Easter family pic! I'm glad you were able to listen to your body and skip a run... humidity is killer. So is sharing rooms with little ones! Hope you get a good night's sleep back in your own bed. 60 miles-- that's huge!! I have no doubt you can do it... not sure that I could, though. :)

  4. Oh what a beautiful family!! And what a BEAUTIFUL sundae :) I would have liked to fight you over that :)

    Nice mileage this week! You are doing awesome! Pasadena will be a PR - my prediction.

  5. Another full. Super woman. Thats it. Your new title. Marathons so close together- thats just a dream for me. Your times are so freakin' awesome, you are so strong and are rockin' the crud outta your Brooks. I am so proud of you and love reading about your journey! You are so motivating and inspiring! You go A!

  6. Awesome that you are wearing compression shorts under your dress. What a beautiful family picture! and awesome mileage!

  7. That sundae looks amazing! And I agree with getting no sleep when the kids are in bed with me. I swear mine do gymnastics in their sleep, its ridiculous!

  8. At least your husband helped a little with the sundae--mine hates sweets (except plain jane vanilla ice cream) so I would have been on my own, and I would have finished it too. And I *hate* humidity too. I hope I never live somewhere that has it again.

    Looks like you had a great Easter!

  9. What a great family picture!! Looks like you had a great time. That sundae alone was awesome! It's funny how you said your husband only had 10% and you had 90. That's exactly what would have happened around here. I am the big sweets fanatic. Good thing we like to run... :-)