Thursday, July 26, 2012

Post State Meet, Vacation Time, and Celebrity Sighting!

Two posts in one month! It's a miracle!

I thought I'd pop on before I pop off and get busy straightening up and packing for vacation. Tomorrow afternoon we head to Phoenix for a bright and early Saturday morning departure. We'll be heading to Kiawah Island, South Carolina to spend time with my husband's family. The beach... The Olympics... I'm psyched!

In my last post, I talked about how my oldest son was going to the AZ Age Group Long Course Championships.


It was a weekend of major highs and lows, that's for sure. Earlier this week, we were watching the Today Show where Ryan Lochte talked about how he always got kicked out of swim practice when he was 8. He said that he liked competing in meets but hated practice and he also mentioned that he didn't get super serious about swimming until he was in high school. Oh, how I hope some of that sunk into Evan's little brain. Last weekend wasn't fun... For anyone. Evan is still too young to hang with the 10 year-old competitors. He's just not there yet. Explaining how it takes time is futile, however.  After most  of his events, he got out of the pool, asked if he made it to finals (nope-not even close in most cases) and then proceeded to pout for the duration of the day. ((sigh))

At any rate, our 10U boys did snag a win in the 200 Medley Relay! This race truly was the highlight of our weekend. The boys, moms, and dads were all smiles after their win.

Evan is the second leg--swimming breaststroke 


I'm back to 40 mpw and starting to build. My body feels good so far. Our summer schedule is proving difficult for me to get to the gym for strength training. So hard to fit it all in. I am hoping to be able to squeeze in a couple of strength sessions on vacation and then get back to Body Tone class in August. 

Earlier this week I did an 8 X 400 speed session. I did 4 400m repeats (ok, .25 miles on my Garmin because I don't actually do it on a track) with 200m (.12 on my Garmin) rest between sets. After the 4th 400, I rested for 400 and then did 4 more with 200m rest between each repeat. Make sense? 

Anyway, the point of this whole story is that the last time I did this workout (in March), my times were:

1:41, :41, :44, :42, :40, :41, :37, :42

On Tuesday, my times were:

1:38, :38, :37, :39, :40, :37, :36, :36


I'm getting faster, now I just have to build back my endurance with my long runs.

Oh, and I had a celebrity sighting on my run. 

Yuma's Bernie Montoya won the 2012 Adidas Grand Prix Boy's Mile in 4:01.32. Holy Hell.

Totally in awe of that kid. Whenever I see him running around Yuma, I feel unworthy to share the roads with him. Can you imagine being 17 and having that level of talent? He's only a senior in high school! Wow. He's really humble and grounded in his interviews too. 

Till next time!


  1. How annoying that it makes you sign in through FB! Grr. My husband will be in Yuma for a month starting late September, but I'm pretty sure it's to 'play' Army. Tents, missles, all that fun stuff. I'm jealous :(

    Your video makes me miss swim meets! Gah! At least I'll get my fill during the Olympics :)

    Great job on building that speed! I'm exhausted just looking at your times. Not to mention your busy schedule!

    I'm glad that Montoya is not only humble in interviews, but that he has the capacity to realize his talent. Most 17 yr olds today would be throwing it away without realizing it. Sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders.

  2. I am excited for the Olympics too! It will be fun to watch since i haven't really watched them in about a decade.

    Sure would like to run a 4:01 mile...wowzers.

    Nice work getting your mileage back up. The speed is looking good, girl!!

  3. That would be tough parenting kids in competitions like that... he's definitely talented, it must be so hard to help him work through the disappointments.
    Awesome some on your mileage and speed!!

  4. Wow, here's to getting faster!! You are awesome. Could you send some of that goodness my way? I don't ask for 4 minute miles, after all. :^)