Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings

I'm back for my monthly post! And I'm going to do it bullet-point style in 10 minutes or less. No rest for the weary! My house looks like a garbage truck ran through it, I have to log 8.5 miles today, and I've got to wrap presents!

Here goes... since my last post:

  • Running has been going really well albeit a minor setback in the hip department last week. Turns out that jumping back into hill workouts in a pair of worn-out shoes is probably *not* the best idea in the world. Ooops. No worries though... Feeling better every day. Hubby let me open my Christmas present early after my hip complaints. 

It's call the "Cold Roller." It's the "Grid's" cousin, I suppose. You can read more about this rehab tool here. Pretty cool. Thanks, honey!

  • Hip issues also mean getting back to this. Since this hip issue is IDENTICAL (except on the other side) to the issue I had back in August/September (and after the same workout... duh!), I am back to my rehab routine 3Xs per week. It works!
  • So I ended up retiring those shoes after that workout... And then I found a replacement for them in the form of an incredible deal at Holabird Sports:
Saucony Cortanas for $75.95 + free shipping. These shoes retail around $145.

  • The shoes aren't my favorite color and they are not the latest Cortana 2s (which are about an ounce lighter), but at nearly 50% off, who cares?
  • Last week was my highest mileage week EVER @ 58.6 miles. I capped it off with a solid 21-miler at 8:46P on Sunday. I'll peak at 62 miles in a couple of weeks. Wish me luck!
  • Saturday is the "Reindeer Roundup" 5K/10K here in Yuma. My oldest will try out his first 5K with his Nonni (grandma)! Their plan is to do the first 2 miles at an 11-minute mile pace. I know Evan is itching to go fast, but I told him to stick with that pace and then if he feels great *after* mile 2, go for it.
  • I'll be running the 10K. This race, last year, measured out to 5.95 miles on my Garmin. GRRRRRR! While I was happy with the 43:32 that I clocked for that distance, I didn't feel like it was a "true" PR because the course measured so short. It will be interesting to see if they changed the course this year. If not, hopefully I'll run it faster, right? My goal for a true 10K is 43:30. I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. Good luck in the 10K, Allison! I hope they get the distance right this year as I bet you'll be going fast.

    Good luck getting your son to slow down in that race, too--hopefully having his grandma there will help, but little boys do love to go out too fast (actually don't all of us do that from time to time?).

  2. Back for my "Monthly" post- LOVE it! Good luck with your 10K! I know what you mean about mis-measured courses. I like them to be right on. Not too short (because then I feel like I cheated) but not too long either.

    And I am ALL about getting shoe deals. Sounds like you got a good one!

  3. Sounds like your running is in a great place. Good luck at the 10k and with the marathon coming up!

  4. hey there!! Cool new roller! I hope it does the trick.

    Congrats on the highest mileage week ever :)

    OK..short 10k..when you cross the finish line, if it says anything under 6.2...just keep running until it says 6.2 !! (Only kidding, but i have considered that scenario for myself) That way you will have a perfect set of stats from the Garmin to post :) . I predict a big PR!

    Hope Evan kills it..with even splits :)

  5. Wow, awesome job on your mileage!! I'm hoping to slowly build mine for a future training cycle, but I'm only going to top about 45 this time.
    Best of luck in the 10k!

  6. Good deals on shoes are the best! I can't believe how many I'm plowing through these days.

    And you already did your Christmas wrapping?!!! You are officially my hero.