Monday, May 20, 2013

April-May Recap and Heading East

So much has happened in the past few weeks! I'm not sure where to even start. Perhaps with running since this is a running blog?

April and May brought track season into our family's life. What a fun time we had! This is the first time that two of my three boys have done a sport that they *both* really enjoyed. There was never any whining about going to practice and they just LOVED the meets. The only complaint? Well, the longest event was 200 yds. And Evan sprints like his momma, which isn't good. The boy has endurance for DAYS from his swim training. During practice, the coach had them run 800s and sometimes 1600s, and Evan was able to maintain pace while the other kids STRUGGLED. The other kids, however, spanked him in those short distances, and he was bummed that he didn't make it to any individual event finals for the end-of-season championships.

 Evan during some sort of relay event. Can't remember which one. 

Tyler during the 50yd. hurdles. Just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. (Instagram filter is sort of weird though.)

As for running and me, I had two races scheduled for May. Actually, not so much racing really, but rather a much-needed girls weekend with a couple of back to back half marathon fun training runs.

I could seriously write a LENGTHY blog entry on the logistical NIGHTMARE that was my trip to the midwest, but for the sake of time, I'll give bullet points:

  • All flights going to Indianapolis (out of Chicago) were cancelled Friday night (weather).
  • I decided to go get my bags and rent a car to drive to Indy (3 hour drive) but was told at customer service that it was going to take "4-5 hours" to get my bag. WTF? (It was already 6:00 pm, mind you).
  • Sat down and thought to myself, "What do I do?!?!"
  • Gave up and called my father-in-law. He so kindly came and picked me up and brought me back to his house where he and my MIL made a delicious dinner and pumped me full of wine. I was sans luggage though. Boo. Had to wear same clothes the next day.
  • Got to Indy race morning. Missed race, obviously, with added bonus of  having my luggage NOT arrive on my flight. Apparently it was in Washington, D.C. WTF? Talked to United customer service and they arranged for my luggage to be driven to my Cincinnati hotel once it showed up in Indy.
  • Got to Cincy. Went ahead and bought new shoes and borrowed running gear from my girlfriends (wore race shirt I got at expo.). Smart move on my part because my luggage did not show up at the hotel until Sunday morning... AFTER THE RACE!!!! GRRR!!!
  • Made it out of Cincy ok, but my flight out of Denver to LAX was delayed due to wildfires.
  • Missed connecting flight out of LAX to Yuma. Oh, and it was the last flight to Yuma that day. Awesome.
  • Spent night at airport Hilton.
  • All United flights out of LAX to Yuma were booked Monday. Had to be re-booked on US Airways to Phoenix. Then Phoenix to Yuma.
  • Luggage didn't arrive into Yuma until that night. Had to make another trip to the airport to pick it up.
Seriously, I wanted to put a gun to my head by the end of the weekend. But... my girlfriends were totally worth it and to be completely honest, I don't think a double half weekend was in my best interest.

Flying Pig Half Marathon finishers!
How awesome that the finish line said "Finish Swine." HA!

So why wasn't it meant to be? Because my stupid feet have plantar fasciitis. Both of them. It's like it just happened overnight in April. Of course, I'd tried taping my feet and running through it (for weeks), but last Monday, I'd finally had enough. All last week was cross-training: pool running, Arc Trainer, and some crazy kettlebell/TRX workouts with my husband in our back yard (Holy cow---talk about not feeling in shape! 24 minutes of TORTURE!). I'm not sure if they feel a ton better, but I'm about to tape up again and go for a slow 5 to see how it goes. Maybe I'll be able to phase back in some running.

If I have to be injured, however, this is a good time at least. We are moving to Washington, D.C. on Thursday!!! The packers are actually going to show up in about 1-1/2 hours, so I have to get my rear in gear and get out the door before a busy day. More on the move later!!!


  1. So glad to get your update! And I'm glad the move is finally happening, just in time to escape the heat in Yuma (though D.C. isn't exactly known for mild summers--at least they're maybe shorter?).

    That sounds like a nutty trip, but I agree that race trips with girlfriends are always worth every bit of trouble. I hope you can kick the PF. Kathy had to take a full month off running to get rid of it, but it's been worth it. She's running distances again and pain-free.

  2. NOOOO! Not P! That bane of my existence! I am so glad that I'm past that ugly little part of my life. I'll send my good foot karma your way.
    A shame about the travel, sometimes nothing is allowed to go right ... no matter how hard we try.
    Best of luck with the big move!
    Oh, and my Evan has the same Brook's as yours. He's loves those red shoes.

  3. What a weekend!! I can't believe what you went through with luggage. That was a nightmare, but you were smart to buy shoes. I'm a little jealous of the flying pig medal :) Very cool!

    Loved the track pics! Too bad about there being no distance race. There should be at least an 800!

    Sorry about the PF. How is it doing? Were you able to run pain free?

  4. Crazy weekend! And I'm excited that you'll be in DC... only a few hours from us when we get settled in NJ. Hope we can meet up sometime!!

  5. It is time for you to start blogging again!! :)))

  6. ...At least to let us know where you're running!