Monday, March 19, 2012

6 Days Until I Strike Gold!

This Sunday is the Valley of Gold Half Marathon in Tucson. It will be the first half that I've run in 18 months. Both of my half marathons in 2010 yielded a 1:48. I'm SO ready to blow that out of the water. 

A couple of weeks ago, I emailed my coach and asked him if he thought that I could break 1:40. He responded that with the right temperature and course, YES. 

Eeeeeek! This is daunting for me. My fastest half was the very first one that I ran when I was 20 years old (1996). I ran a 1:42:06 and felt like DEATH the last 5 miles of it (My college boyfriend ran those last 5 with me and basically drug me across the finish line.).

Ok, so it's supposed to be 85 degrees according to the extended foreceast. Hmmmm. The race starts at 7 am, however, so I'll be finished before 9 am. How hot can it really be by then?

Here's the course elevation profile: 

Looks like two boobies ok to me! 2 mild ascents... I can do that. I have been hill training like a mother (every Thursday) this marathon cycle.

Also, the gauntlet has been thrown down. My 74 year-old "injured" (I think these are air quotes...) coach e-mailed me this gem yesterday,

"Your goal for next Sunday is now 1:37:20, my time for Ft DeSoto 1/2 Marathon this morning. Whacked out tired now though and Achilles throbbing at level 9.1. Sympathy note would be appreciated. splits; 8:09,7:37,28,33,29,26,25,33,24,21,06,05,6:55,1:43." 

The guy is a machine. A really fast and funny machine to boot. The speed of his last 3 miles make me want to vomit in my mouth a little though when I think about trying to match it. Also the fact that he ran this way injured??? Amazing and inspiring. I want to be the female equivalent of him when I grow up. 

It'll be an adventure, but hey. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Wish me luck!


  1. I find some irony in this. The distance from my home to the address they have listed on the race site is 13.1 miles. I wish I could run there! I'm hoping that I can make it up and see you!

    1. Cool! E-mail me if you are. I'll have my phone with me and can coordinate a meet-up!

  2. Best of luck (somehow I don't think you need it).
    Yes, they do look like bobbies - flat runner chick boobies!

  3. He is amazing! What an inspiration! I totally think you can shoot for under 1:40 and 1:37 is not out of the realm of possible!!!

  4. I want to be like your coach too!

    Best of luck this weekend--you can do it!

  5. Both you and your coach are super inspiring! I have a feeling that you are going to PR no matter how hot it is at 9am!

  6. Oh Man my gurl! Go for it!Youre fit, uninjured and fierce! I absolutly think you can PR and make your coach proud! No doubt- go big or go home A!

  7. So excited for you! 1:40 is an awesome goal, you can do it! I hope it's a nice, cool morning and doesn't start warming up til much later in the day. Your coach sounds hilarious!