Thursday, January 19, 2012

Compression Gear

I love compression gear. 

Whenever I wear it, it feels like a big hug on my hard-worked (or working) muscles. I really think that it helps my recovery, and it's the final item in my arsenal of "things that have kept Allison healthy."

And now I present to you the most ridiculous picture ever.

Professional on the top... Party on the bottom.

That's me in my matchy matchy Aspaeris Pivot Shorts. Hilarious. I wanted a quick photo to show you guys what I was talking about, so I took off the black leggings that I wore to work and donned my fiery red compression shorts. Maybe next time I'll wear this outfit to class. I'm sure my students will think it's all good. I bet I wouldn't get any funny looks, especially if I completed the outfit with some knee high boots.

So... I absolutely love these shorts. 

Let me back up first by saying that when my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I sent her the link for these. She placed the order immediately. Wouldn't you know it? The next day, Aspaeris had a 25% off Christmas sale. 


I wrote on Aspaeris's Facebook wall asking if my mom could still get the discount. While these shorts are very reasonably priced at $60 ($50 with the $10 off coupon code that is available at checkout!), who doesn't want to save a buck? Or $15 to be exact with the 25% discount. 

I was told to e-mail the company to see what they could do.

I didn't hear back from Aspaeris re: the discount, so I was a little bummed. Oh well. However, at this point, I had already received the pair my mom ordered. I was impressed with the speedy shipping (2 days!!) and the quality of the product, so I pardoned the blow-off. 

On Day 3 post FB interaction, I received this e-mail:

"Dear Allison-Sorry for the delayed response to your request. Since your order has already been processed, would it be ok if we sent you another pair of shorts for free instead? If that is agreeable with you, please just send me your size, color and address, and I will send them right out!
Let me know if that is ok."

Um, yeah it's ok!!!!! I was stoked! I went ahead and ordered these snazzy red ones. Again, they arrived on my doorstep within a couple of days.  Awesome product & awesome customer service. That's hard to find anywhere these days!

I wear these shorts after every speed workout and long run. They are fabulous. You can check out the Aspaeris website to read up on the biomechanics (uhhhhh?) of the shorts. You can also check out their FB page to get the opinions of other bloggers who have posted their reviews on the shorts. 

You'd better believe these are coming with me to San Diego for post-marathon wear on Sunday!

Another piece of gear that I will be wearing during my marathon is this:

I wanted to find the goofiest possible picture of this product.
Dude. What's up? Porta-potty is ----> that way

I love Zensah calf sleeves not just for recovery but to actually wear during runs. Again, it's like a big leg hug. It just feels good.

Now to decide if I should wear my black ones or my white ones. Decisions, decisions! Still trying to finalize my outfit. Typical chick!

Do you have any compression gear???


  1. Professional on the top... Party on the bottom. I just about died laughing. I've never tried any compression gear but with all the hype, I feel it may be time to jump of the bridge with all my friends. :)

  2. Can you help with sizing? My waist is in the small category but my hips are in the medium. Which would you recommend?

  3. Maw-I'm around 5'5'" and 122 pounds and a small works well for me. Try the sizing chart on their website. You want them snug but obviously you want to be able to breathe!

    Oh, and today they are offering the shorts at 50% off!

  4. Free compression shorts! That's awesome. I have recovery socks that I've loved for my shins/calves, but need to get some shorts, too. It's usually my quads that feel it most after a hard race, so the socks don't do much for that. Thanks for the recommendation, saves me all the research. :) And good luck on the race!!

  5. You look like a back up dancer for
    prince. A totally recovered and ready to marathon back up dancer. Thanks for the review-I was on the fence but you are my injury rehab hero so I may just go get these. Little Red Johnsonette.

  6. I don't own any...but you've kinda sold me on it! I want a pair of the shorts now. Do u run in them? Or just recover?

  7. you make me laugh and i sooo love that!
    how awesome that you got a second pair for free - great customer service!
    i have only tried compression socks (my favorite are saucony) and calf sleeves (zensah). i wear them after my long runs and super tough track workouts. i haven't ever tried actually running in them, but want to!
    the shorts seem awesome --- may have to give them a shot!
    soooo excited for your race tomorrow! i will be thinking of you!!