Monday, January 30, 2012

No Rest for the Weary!

Sort of.

I've traded in high-intensity marathon training for high-intensity grad school coursework and kiddy athletics.

BOO to the grad school stuff but YAY to kiddy athletics!

Time for me to put the "Jock" back into this blog.

My 8 year-old son, Evan, competed in a swim meet this weekend, and he absolutely killed it.

A few months ago, he told us that he wanted to go to the AZ State Swimming Championships. We told him exactly what he needed to do to get there: practice 4 X weekly + qualify for 3 events. If you've ever been to a swim meet, you'll know why we wanted him to qual for 3 events. It's a lot to ask for us to drive 3 hours to Phoenix and sit through an all day meet for one event (lasting anywhere from 40 seconds-2 minutes). Then to add the cost of the hotel, food and the fact that his 5 and 3 year-old brothers are BORED SENSELESS at the meet (aka whining, complaining, melting down, wandering all over the place, fighting, etc.)... Yeah. 3 event minimum, bud. Sorry.

If he could qualify in 3 events, then we'd take him. If not, he could try again next year.

It must have been his new teeny speedos... HE DID IT!!!

He qualified in both 50/100 yd breast and fly. ATTA BOY!!! So proud of him. He has been working so hard lately. He's been going to 6 pm practice 4 times per week with Daddy, who swims one lane over (Masters practice). Going to 6 pm practice has also allowed more one on one time with the coach, as most of the kids opt for the 4 or 5 pm practice (there are 3 options for his group). The difference has been amazing. He crushed his old PRs.

Ok, enough shameless mommy bragging. Moving on...

What's going on with running?

I'm entering Week 2 of recovery. Things are going well. Last week's mileage looked like this:

Monday-YEAH RIGHT!!!! Sore as hell.
Tuesday-Sore but hot stone massage helped tremendously....
Wednesday-3 easy miles. Yowzers. Can feel legs.
Thursday-Ahhhh. Much better. 4 easy miles
Friday-Optional 3 miles or OFF. I chose the latter. OMG. I am going to tank this writing course if I don't get it together. No running today. Need to get it together.
Saturday-5 miles. So windy I wanted to DIE. Visor actually flew off of head.
Sunday-Ran 8 less windy but still windy miles to my son's swim meet. Now that's what I call multi-tasking!
TOTAL: 20 miles

This week will have me climbing back up to 38 miles. I am feeling good but my Achilles (both) were a bit tender on Saturday. Coach advised me to not wear the shoes that I wore at Carlsbad for 2 weeks.

I also hit the gym today for about the first time in a month. Got up to 105 pounds on the Smith Machine. Gonna feel that tomorrow.

What's up next re: racing? I'm getting ready to sign up for the Valley of Gold Half Marathon (March 25). I'm glad that I had the foresight to decide *not* to sign up for any races in Feb. It was tempting as the marathon approached, but I resisted. I gave it my all at Carlsbad, and I'm tired. It's going to take a little time mentally and physically to get back to 100%. Originally, I had considered signing up for the IMS Arizona Half or the Lost Dutchman Half, but the thought of either of those races right now? MEH. February is all about rebuilding. Not to mention the fact that I'm going to be busy with my school (which I have neglected) and Evan's swimming. State meet is the weekend of March 9th.

For those of you who have tagged me to do "11 Things" (Kathy and Jess) I'm going to get to that later in the week! Thanks for including me in the fun!


  1. Great job to your son! I can understand the requirement you made. That's a big commitment!

    Great job getting back to running. Interesting about the shoes. Did you wear flats, or some lightweight type of shoes?

  2. Raina, I wore my Saucony Cortanas for the marathon. I think they are essentially zero-drop shoes? I'm sure it was the combination of those + all the hills (that I am *not* used to) that contributed to the soreness.

  3. CONGRATS to your son!!! My brother went to State in HS - swim talk is NOT lost on me!!!! I miss going to his meets, that's for sure.

    Did your coach mention the correlation between the shoes and your Achilles?? I ask because after a long run mine ached, and I wondered if it was the shoe or my gait. But it never happened again... weird.

  4. Congrats to your son! That's awesome, brag away. :) I'm interested too in the connection b/t shoes and Achilles, mine are aching after trying out a new pair.

  5. You sure I can't convince you to come to the IMS race? I'm doing the 1/2, EMZ will be there and so will Racing Dawn. It would be fun...

    Congrats to your son! I am a swim mom too and know all about sitting through meets! My son is big into breast as well, but fly, yeah, not so much!

  6. Oh, oops! I just tagged you for 11 things as well, and then saw you've already been tagged, so ignore it. :)