Sunday, January 15, 2012

Last Long Run... 7 days to go!

Part of what I like about reading other running blogs is getting new ideas for training/racing. My gurl Momma K (I can't get onto her blog to link her name here! What the what?!?!) also asked me in a previous post what I did for nutrition.

In the spirit of that, I'll share what I did yesterday before/during/after my final long run before my marathon next Sunday.

Starting about two weeks out from a marathon, I drink a glass (4-6 oz) of Emergen-C as soon as I roll out of bed. Despite this, I have managed to get a bit of a scratchy throat from my 3 year-old. Boo.

I prefer this flavor.

On this particular long run day, I drank my Emergen-C and then made myself one of these: 

Photo stolen from someone else's blog.

I topped it with SunButter and strawberry jam. Drank 1/2 cup of coffee along with it.

Afterwards, I had another  6 oz. of water (guesstimate). 

About 20 minutes before my run, I proceeded to drink a scoop of PreRace mixed with about 6 oz. of White Cherry Powerade (another guesstimate).

I headed out the door for my run and about 2 miles in... Yikes.

Let's back up to what I ate the night prior: a salad and about 5 pieces (yes, 5) of this:

This was not a wise move.

It was one of those runs that made me re-evaluate my diet. It also made me thankful that I chose a route with a porta-potty when I most needed it. (I ran by the lettuce fields today-Yuma is famous for its lettuce fields.) Um, yeah. I need to eliminate dairy by Thursday of this week. Most def. 

Ok, I got through all of that (just barely). Whew.

However, I began to notice my bladder around Mile 6. What the heck is going on here? I suspect that I over-hydrated a bit + drank the PreRace a little too soon before my run. I also probably didn't need the coffee either. I am thinking that both these things act as diuretics, hence the feeling like I had to pee the entire run. Had to stop again around Mile 10.5. Good grief!

So what did I eat/drink on my run?

I carried a Chocolate Outrage GU gel (ate at 1 hour) and a fuel belt filled with 10 oz. Nuun in one bottle  and 10 oz. water in the other. I didn't finish either bottle today. Hard to keep hydrating when you feel like you need to pee constantly!

I finished 13 miles in 1:55 (8:52P). As soon as I got home, I did this: 

Pool bath (51 degrees) in lieu of ice bath. Pure misery. Notice my youngest kiddo hassling me about having my Rockin' Refuel. I'm not in the mood for begging right now!!!

Once the shock factor wore off, I explained how he could have a couple of sips.

12 minutes later.... Ahhhhhhhh. Transitioned a foot over to the hot tub with scholarly, hot husband. I like this set-up!

I took a quick shower after about 30 minutes in the hot tub (couldn't drag myself out), and then I had another snack of 2 small cinnamon raisin bagels topped with a small amount of cinnamon sugar butter. That is, after I donned my compression shorts... which I will tell you about in my next post!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Great job and now I am craving a Cinnamon Raisin Bagel with CInnamon sugar! :) Love the pool idea I just need to get myself one :)

  2. I am really envying that you can come home and hope in a cold pool. It beats the tub any day.

    And look how much you figured out on the run! Make notes and you'll be good to go next week.

  3. so awesome! i want a pool (and hot tub!) to hop into after my runs! that looks dreamy.
    you are going to have an amazing race next weekend! i'm so excited for you i can't stand it!!

  4. Note to self - if we're stationed at Yuma, make sure to demand a replicate of your house.

    Great run!

  5. Emergen-C is a good idea... I always feel like I'm battling a cold when tapering. Can't wait to see how your race goes!

  6. I definitely need to try Emergen-C. I AWLAYS get some sort of cold before a race/when I taper. I don't think I can have it when I'm pregnant but good to know for the future. Yep, and I ate pizza the night before my race. Probably not the smartest decision on my part but too tired to cook. Thankfully, it did not give me stomach problems on race day!