Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Ritual

In April, I started having some IT band issues in my R knee. It was pretty subtle yet definitely noticeable. With about 4 weeks left until my marathon, I decided to drop the weight training/plyometrics that I was doing and switch to yoga.

(Hmmm. I wonder if they have yoga here?)

Serenity Yoga is a fun little studio that makes me feel like I'm not in Yuma. I'll take it!

I began taking a class called "Piloga" (Pilates/Yoga) on Tuesdays (and Fridays) at 9 am. The class is a bit basic for me; nevertheless, it's a great total body stretching session. It actually forces me to stretch for a full hour instead of my usual 7.5 minute post-run stretch. Although the verdict is still out on stretching, I feel that it's a good choice for me, as I tend to have hip flexor/ITB issues.

After class, I had a one-hour Reflexology session with my instructor, Michael. He told me that he's worked with a lot of runners and that he thought I might find it beneficial.

Reflexology = a fancy foot rub

Yes, please!!

Ok, so I think it's more than just a fancy foot rub. You can read about the benefits here. There's like a million "reflex areas" in your foot, and I'm pretty sure Mike got them all today. I'm definitely a big fan now and will do this before/after my races. Is it quackery? Who knows?Better yet, who cares? It felt AWESOME.

After my fantabulous morning of yoga and reflexology, I felt like I should call Vicki, Tamra and Peggy to confirm the time for our afternoon wine tasting

So for all 4 of you that follow my blog... Do you stretch before/after your workouts? Do you yogacize? Have you ever had a fancy foot rub?


  1. When I do workout I am a total slacker in the stretching department. We don't have yoga here so I have never done it but I have heard great things about it!

  2. you have a LOVELY blog! keep sharing your tips for healing IT issues...I've got a little nagging thing on my "L" knee.

    I don't stretch. ever. ever. (ok, I stretch at stop lights sometimes while running). I'm a bad girl.

  3. Yoga sounds so wonderful right now! I am sincerely happy to have found your blog. Thanks for the comment today. I love when I find a blog that I love. I see a lot of similarities...our love for English/writing, both have 3 kids, in our 30's, love to run/compete. Excited to read more. Putting you on my blog roll right now.

  4. I stretch, after every run, and if I get shin splints I stretch after about 3 miles during a run. Nothing fancy and thats why I am taking yoga next week because my stretching is a huge gap in my training. Your yogalaties seems awesome. Plus your awesome. So there.