Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

This Wacky Wednesday installment comes straight from one of the Johnson Johns.

"Mommy, I'm doooooooooooone!!!!"
(Translation: "Come wipe my ass." )

Yes, I am still wiping his hiney. However, he's doing it by himself maybe 30% of the time. It's a start.

"Ok, I'm coming... What the?"

"Oh dear God." 

Butt naked with Evan's IronKids swim cap on.

I swear... I did not do *any* drugs/alcohol while he was in utero.

Enjoy Wacky Wednesday!

PS-Does anyone else's kids get completely naked to poo? And insist on doing it with the seat up? No? Just mine???


  1. Ha ha! I would have freaked out with the seat up! too funny. My kids usually keep their clothes on but come to think of it, my oldest daughter did like get naked for a few months. :)