Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Move over Michael Phelps!

There's a new kid in town...

Pretending to be shy...
Very "John Lennon" with the tinted goggles
Looking calm and cool before practice

At almost 5, he's the littlest dude at practice. He can hang though! He only complained once about the cold.

Here's a short video, which I realize is probably like watching paint dry to most of you... If you listen closely, however,  you can hear little brother cheering Tyler on.

Almost done! A few moves with Coach Emily, and we're outta here!

Success. Now let's get home to a hot shower!


  1. That is amazing!!---at 5? I need to get my kids in the pool!!! :) That is awesome. He is adorable!

  2. What a cute little dude! Love the video! Again, love the active kids:) Have a great weekend!