Monday, June 6, 2011

RNR San Diego Half Marathon-Hubby Style

This past weekend we travelled to San Diego so hubby could participate in the San Diego Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon.

First of all, the race expo was ridiculous. 2 pm Saturday = wrong time to go. Wall-to-wall peeps. We had to get the hell out of there after a few minutes. I'm thinking that half of the 40,000 participants decided to pick up their race numbers at the same time as Mike.

We stayed at nearby Hyatt Mission Bay-about a 1-1/2 mile walk to the finish line. 


The race started at 6:15 am, so myself, a friend (whose husband was running with Mike) and our 5 kiddos headed out of the hotel lobby at 7:30 am in the hopes of catching up with the boys and cheering them on through the finish line. The walk took a little longer than we thought, and I got the phone call at around 8 am in the Sea World parking lot...

"Hey, we're done (*panting*)... 1:45."

Me: "Oh my gosh!! Wow! That's a great time! That's a lot faster than you though you would do!"

My immediate reaction was surprise, and I was really impressed with Mike. After all, he pretty much flaked on a very basic (supposedly "intermediate") training plan and did *maybe* 2 10-milers in preparation for the race. Wow!!

Then I thought to myself... "Hey... Wait a minute. He flaked on a very basic training plan and *maybe* did 2 10-milers in preparation for the race. And he ran a 1:45. That's bullshit!!!"  (Haha.)

The truth is that I'm a little bitter. But... Bitter in a lovable, proud, only slightly jealous way. He can't help it that he's a stud. 

It's all good... I'll get you in September, my pretty. And your little 1:45 too.  

Congrats on a great race, honey! Official time 1:45:45... Overall Place-951, Division Place -129


  1. My God that is fast! And the picture...beyond cute! Awesome job Mike!

  2. haha. that's pretty incredible! naturally athletic family.

    p.s. as per your next post...since I'm too lazy to comment twice...I'm a big fan of coconut water after running, and vitamin water zero lemonade flavor. mmmm, lemonade.