Sunday, June 19, 2011

You've come a long way, baby!

Summer is in full effect, and the Johnsons now have a home away from home:
Marcus Pool

Laying on the hot pavement after swimming doesn't sound good to me, but these kids seem to love it. Apparently, it feels great. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

They even lay there with snacks.

Saturday was the kick-off meet for the Sandsharks. While Evan still practices with the year-round team (Yuma Heat), he competes in the summer league meets as well. We're hoping that Tyler will be ready to compete in July. Yesterday, the pool was finally warm enough-after a week of 100+ temps- so he wanted to get back in (he DID NOT want to swim last week during practice). He also saw some little swimmers (like himself) competing and thought it looked fun.
Evan had a fantastic meet. The progress he's made in 21 months of consistent swimming (3 times per week) is simply incredible. 

See for yourself!

THEN: 9/26/09-25 yard Freestyle... 31.93 seconds... 4th out of 4 (not to mention that he actually got DQ'd from 3 out of 4 events for various infractions: doing wrong stroke in event, doing butterfly arms with breaststroke kick, etc. HA!!!)

NOW: 6/18/11-25 yard Freestyle...17.46 seconds....1st Place!

It was also a day of PRs in his other strokes:

25 Butterfly-19.30 seconds (old PR-35.35)... 1st Place
25 Breast-23.09 seconds (old PR-31.66)... 1st Place
25 Back-23.00 seconds (old PR-25.25)... 2nd Place

We're so proud (even Colin is cheering in the most recent video!), and we love seeing Evan's enthusiasm grow for the sport. He told me that he got up on the blocks before his events and told himself, "Evan, you can do this." 

How awesome is that? Positive self-talk in a 7-year old. 

Big things coming from this little guy...


  1. He is simply amazing! what great progress he's made!

  2. I remember laying out on the cement on a hot day as a child. :) too cute

  3. Your kids rock!! And I totally remember laying on the hot cement after swimming!! :)