Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just another scorcher Saturday...In El Centr-hole

I've pretty much accepted that between running, swim meets and having 3 small children, I will never be able to sleep in again.

Today's flavor... 5:00am.
And an hour later, we're off to the El Centro Invitational Swim Meet.

A few miles of this:

Nearby Imperial Sand Dunes. Apparently, they filmed part of Return of the Jedi here. Cool.
A couple of these:

Annoying Border Checkpoint Station. Dude, do we look like illegal aliens in our Honda Odyssey with a military officer sticker attached to the windshield?

A whole lot of this:


And ta da! We've arrived in the worst place to live in the United States

El Centr-hole, er, I mean... El Centro, Ca.

Worst dressed timers too.

That's ok. I made up for the bad dressing in El Centro with my rad boymom shirt. I have two boymom shirts, and I need a lot more. I get compliments EVERY TIME I wear one. EVERY TIME. Yep, got one today.

Shout out to fellow boymom and running blogger Momma K gotzt the runs who is a Cali rep for boymom. Check out her blog and boymom.

What can I say about this meet except that once again, I am in awe of my big boy.

Mike and another swim dad cheering Evan on in the 100m IM.

It looks like there's no other swimmers in the event. That's because Evan was so far ahead of the other boys it wasn't even funny. He actually lapped one kid (DOI!). Truth be told, he didn't just win the 7-8 year-old division. He beat all of the 9 and 10 year-olds and would have finished 2nd place amongst the 11 and 12 year-old boys!!!

So, so proud of that kid. He won all 5 of his events today. 

So proud of all my boys... (I know. They look like angels here, but meets are actually PAINFUL. The little ones are BORED SILLY.)

We know it stinks for them and try to treat them accordingly.... With treats.

Black cherry vanilla shaved ice. That's what I'm talkin' about!

We even capped off the afternoon with....

Rat Bastard

Now that's love. 

Next up... Tyler competes on Tuesday!! I am giddy thinking about the video I'm going to take of it. He will likely do a cannonball off the starting block (I'm not kidding). Can't wait!!

And oh by the way, Heartbreak Ridge is in 11 weeks!!! 1:43 or BUST.


  1. El Centre is a HOLE! We almost lived there for a short time. ISH!!

    So, we're in the equally exciting scenic destination of Fargo for a hockey tourney.......At least it's clean here. Boy, do I understand the busy life of running and 3 active kids.

    CONGRATS to Evan!!!!

    Rat bastard-bahaha!