Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bottoms Up: Part III

Finally getting around to concluding my riveting segment on hydration and running.

So let's talk about post-run refueling.

I've recently discovered coconut water. I picked up a couple of Zicos at Trader Joe's last weekend in San Diego YUM!

Not so much "YUM" reaction from my husband this morning. I gave him a taste, and you would have thought he was drinking toilet water.

I thought it was good. 

I did a 6-mile hill workout and wanted something a little more than water. The mango Zico (14-oz.) has only 60 calories, 12g of sugar and lots of electrolytes. More potassium in one bottle than in a banana, apparently.

I'm just so "sports drinked out" after my marathon in April.

I also like Vita Coco. The one with pineapple is really good. There's a bit more sugar in it though. A 17-oz. serving like this one has 120 calories and 32g of sugar. Hubs probably would have liked this one a little better.

After a long run, I'm a huge fan of Shamrock Farms Rockin' Refuel. I know a lot of people want to YAK at the thought of refueling with milk, but I LOVE these. 

Fortified with 20g of protein

For a mega boost, I actually experimented a couple of weeks ago with two scoops of Vanilla Natural Click mixed with a vanilla Rockin' Refuel. Delish!

What do you like after your runs??? 


  1. No running here but I love coconut and I am so picking up some coconut water the next time I am at TJ's!! I haven't had it before but it sounds great!

  2. I love Vita Coco brand regular coconut water after my runs!! They sell it at Costco now for I think 14 bucks for 12. Good deal!!

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