Sunday, September 11, 2011

Candid Camera

We had a great weekend of swimming. Evan set lots of PRs and finished 2nd place overall in points in the 8U division.

He also KILLED his 200-yd breaststroke. That boy has some endurance.

Ok, let's have two cool action shot and the rest bloopers--bloopers of both my oldest boys in action.

Ready. Set. GO!!

Evan in action during his 100-yd IM. 

Don't forget basketball star, Tyler.

A little blurry mom, but I still look good.

Now for the fun stuff. Can you feel the enthusiasm?





Put the damn camera away already.


  1. Such an athletic family! Did your boys always want to play sports, or did you "push" them into it? How did Evan choose swimming? Sports are such a healthy thing for kids, I don't know who I would be without 13 years of playing soccer....but my 3 sisters didn't play any sports! You must be so proud of them

  2. Daddy was a swimmer, and we started lessons early with Evan. He just really took to it. We tried t-ball and soccer too... No dice. I think the fact that he's good at it really helps. He's wanted to stick with it. Ask me again though in a couple of months when the pool water is COLD. :)