Friday, September 9, 2011

Heading North

Tomorrow, we're heading 4 hours north to Kingman, AZ for a swim meet.

Can I tell you how excited I am about this?

High of 88 degrees = HEAVEN! I may actually be chilly.

In leg news... 

I went to the doctor on Thursday. It was a big, fat waste of time. She sent me to get an x-ray, which will likely show nothing. She also said no high impact (i.e. running) for 4-6 weeks. Hahahaha! If my leg still hurts at the end of that 4-6 week period of not running (ha again!), then I can maybe get a bone scan.

Thanks for nothing, Navy Medicine!

Anyway, it's almost as if simply calling the doctor was the catalyst for a speed-up in my recovery. My leg has felt GREAT this week. Today, I ran the last 20 minutes of a 1-hour run on the Alter G at an 8:27 pace and 85% of my body weight. I felt ZERO PAIN. Tomorrow is a rest day, Sunday will be elliptical training (if the hotel has one, that is), and next week will hopefully be my last week on the Alter G. We'll do another trial run on the regular treadmill September 19th. Can't wait! 

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  1. isn't that funny how the minute you go to the dr. things start to improve?...not that i'm complaining. My brother in law is a podiatrist and I was talking to him about my ankle and he said "Basically 4-6 weeks is the standard answer. Most things can be resolved in 4-6 weeks." I hate the 4-6 weeks answer. Its not an answer at's just the scripted line drs. give... booo. I'm glad that you are headed in the right direction!!