Monday, September 5, 2011

Laborless Day

In my case, that's certainly what it is. Today was my first non-cardio day in a month! It felt really good to relax with an hour of yoga at our local yoga studio. It was a great reminder of the benefits of that form of cross-training and a reminder of how I need to get back to it ASAP. I see some "hot yoga" Sunday night dates with hubby in the near future. He's a big fan of yoga as well.

Anyway... So I had a mental breakdown two days ago.

If you google "mental breakdown" this is one of the images that appears. Haha.

While I didn't shave my head, I had a solid 24 hour pity party sprinkled with a bit of rage. Much of it was about my leg. Much of it was about where I live. Not a fan of the leg or the town right now. The thing to remember, however, is that both conditions are temporary.

If I had to guess, I'd say that I'm about a month away from returning to normal training. At least that's what I'm setting myself up for. Tomorrow, I plan on bolting to the doctor after my class ends at 9:15 am and setting up an appt. to see if we can schedule an MRI... Just to rule out the worst case scenario (stress fracture). Then I'll bolt over to the gym and hop on the good 'ole Alter G for 1 hour (at 50% of my body weight). Afterwards, it's back to resistance training, baby. I have neglected it (as well as yoga), and I need to return to it. Here's a good article on why

Next weekend should have been a nice trip to Oceanside for the Heartbreak Ridge Half Marathon. Instead, it's going to be a return to Kingman, AZ to watch my 8 year-old kick butt in his debut at the 200m breaststroke. While I can't yet celebrate my own athletic achievements, I'm excited to celebrate those of my boys. 


  1. OMG-I've been to that pity party. Many times actually!! It usually ends with an empty wine bottle or two and sometimes some doritos:)

    I think the MRI is super smart! Hope everything comes out good for you. 1 month will go fast if that ends up being your timeline. Seems like forever at the time, but in the big picture it'll go fast.

    Thank God for kiddos!! I swear being down and out, I would have gone CRAZY if I couldn't at least cheer on my kids!!

  2. Sorry that you're feeling crazy girl. I can relate to this too. Jenn is funny but I agree. wine helps until afterwards.

    Good luck with that MRI. So great to get some answers. I am so glad I got one of those or my sports chiro would still be telling me that it wasn't a complete tear of my hammy. Thinking of you.

  3. oh crap. just got caught up on the last couple blog entries and I'm so bummed for you that you are back to semi-square 1. so frustrating!!!! Glad you will get to the bottom of it with an MRI though. Reminder for me to be careful with this ankle stuff. Pity party away, friend. We deserve at least one a week. (sometimes in my case--one a day) !!! hang in there.