Sunday, September 25, 2011

A New Season

Happy Fall! 

The leaves are turning...

The sweaters are coming out of storage, and the boots and leggings are being prepped...

The hot, heavy, thick air of summer is becoming a distant memory...

Or not.
This is what I get for the first day of Autumn? WTF?

Well, whatever. I'm not going to let the incessant and continued obnoxious heat here bring me down. While it's still Hot as Hades,  it feels better than 7 weeks ago, when I last did my last run outside.

Until TODAY, that is!

--Cue fake running photo (that actually took place *after* the run)--

Photo courtesy of this guy.

Future barefoot runner? Not on the sidewalk though, bub!

I had a glorious 6.1 mile run. It was supposed to be only 5, and I'm waiting to hear back from my coach to see if he's mad at me (hee hee). I was able to catch back up with my awesome running buddy, Kim, so we got to gabbing and you know how that goes. 55 minutes later, I realized I had gone a little too far and a little too fast. According to Kim's Garmin (since I'm not wearing mine), we ran around a 9:08P. She looked down at her Garmin at one point during the run and told me we did an 8:26 mile. OOOOPS! I was shooting for around a 9:30P.

At any rate, I felt fantastic. I'm ready for a new season of running, racing, and leaving both the summer and my injury behind. 


  1. WTF is right. Dang, that's hot! I was in tights and gloves and a hat the other morning!!! Great job on the run! So glad you're back at it and feeling strong!!

  2. Temp - Pure hell
    Barefoot Runner - Adorable!
    Fun run with a friend - Freaking awesome!
    Way to go girl!!

  3. Wooo wee...I would melt...surely I would. or die. So glad it is cooling down here. I'm excited for a new season of running too! So glad for you! It feels so great to come back after injury.

  4. Yes, but believe me, I will be insanely jealous of you come December and January! Your little guy is adorable--and if you want to see perfect form, just watch him go in his barefeet.

  5. I feel your pain. I'm in Houston, and it's supposed to be 98 today, and the humidity was 100% this morning. C'mon Fall!!