Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I'm currently in a weird place.

First, there's this.

71 degrees at 11:00am today? I get to run outside?!?! CRAZY!! It's like it happened overnight.

Not to worry. It's the first of a couple of "teasers." We'll be back up in the triple digits again in a bit. Or Maybe the upper 90s if we're lucky.  Happens every year... or at least the two that we've been here. It should finally break around Halloween. 

And then come the snowbirds. Boo. It's a trade off.

Second, I'm trying to get my groove back.

I spent June-August working my ass off only to get injured 5 weeks before the Heartbreak Ridge Half Marathon.

Then I spent 6-1/2 weeks working my ass off trying to lose minimal fitness while becoming injury free .

I'm almost 100%, but I'm easing my way back into it so as not to end up back at square one. This week I'm scheduled to do 29 miles total with a long run of 8 miles on Sunday. Meh. I have visions of speed work and hill repeats, but it's not smart right now. I also have visions of my Garmin. I miss her. I'm glad that we're on a break, so I don't obsess about my paces, but I feel antsy that I can't tell my EXACT distance. Running by time only is annoying. 

The Temecula Half Marathon is in 18 days, and I'm kind of blah, really. It's going to be an easy training run. There's no PR goals or anything like that. The excitement factor isn't really there. Although, I am excited to try this stuff before the race.

Liquid Speed

My running partner has been using it and said that it's unreal. It made her feel like she was flying on her 14-miler last Sunday. Her legs also were less tired than normal. SOLD

I plan on signing up for the Carlsbad Marathon ASAP (i.e. before bed tonight). It's 15 weeks from this Sunday (January 22nd). Beautiful course, perfect weather... And oh by the way,  I will be PRing that one. Just so you know.

Played "Eye of the Tiger" twice on my run today. 

Risin’ up, back on the street
Did my time, took my chances
Went the distance, now I’m back on my feet
Just a man (chick) and his (her) will to survive
Speaking of Rocky Balboa... We just got back Sunday from a trip to Philly last week. Of course, we had to do it. So without further ado...

I'd insert an inspirational Rocky quote here, but well... There are none. I actually looked for one. The guy has the IQ of a hubcap. 
But he's got heart!!


  1. I have lost so much fitness in the past few weeks because I've sort of let work swallow me up entirely as a method of dealing with my injury. Not smart. The Carlsbad Marathon sounds fantastic!

  2. Carlsbad sounds like a perfect place to PR! Just do the 1/2 as a celebration of being back, returning to fitness.

    Love Phila-used to live there. Great city. And did you know that statue has been moved back and forth from the stadium to the art museum a billion times? Always a debate about whether or not it's real art.

  3. awesome that you are almost 100%, interested to know how that pre- race stuff goes!

  4. Your "Rocky" pic are awesome!!! Haha. I love Philly. Great city.

    Have fun running outside!!

    Get Up & Go

  5. ha ha, you make me laugh. your last line...bahaha. And your you really have implants? cool. I hear great things about Carlsbad!

  6. I'm going without my Garmin for a MONTH. I will likely be driving my car around staring at my odometer driving on sidewalks, tracking my routes after the fact so I can obsess about how fast I may or may not have been going according to the clock in my car and the mileage on my odometer. I should probably just tape the Garmin......Kidding as I'm actually looking forward to the less stress with pace this next month.

    Liquid speed! Googling this now-ha!

    Carlsbad-I know a few people running that race! Love your attitude. Go get that PR!!

  7. Amanda, I do. ;-) I wanted the top half to match the bottom. Cuz I got me a bottom!!!!

    Jenn, you crack me up... I am tempted to do the same with my odometer/car clock, but I am resisting!

  8. I really want to hear how the Pre Race stuff worked. What's in it? where can I buy it?