Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back in DDs!

Double digits, that is!

Today was my first long run since my injury in late July. 10 pain free, not excessively hot (finally) miles!

I headed out the door around 7 am wearing my husband's Ironman watch since mine died this morning. Crap! Dead Garmin and now dead Timex. I may have to cave and charge G-Money now since I can't run without a watch. GASP! Why not just take off my shoes and head out the door barefoot while I'm at it?

I ran for 1:35 just to be safe. I'm pretty sure that I was running faster than a 9:30 pace, so it was likely more than 10 miles.

Had to make a pit stop at Jack in the Box right around the 1-hour mark. Apparently, it's a bad idea to completely gorge yourself with Papa Johns pizza, hot wings and cinnamon dessert pizza the night before a long run. Oh, and drinking 1/2 a Grande Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte right before said run isn't such a hot idea either.

Got a very random photo before I hit the powder room.

I'm thinking not very many people that eat at your joint, Jack.

Tacos with American cheese: Perfect fuel for running (to the toilet).

My husband actually loves the tacos there. GAG!

I do confess to enjoying an occasional JIB milkshake.

1 week until the Temecula Half! 


  1. Billy LOVES their tacos too:) AHHH CONGRATS ON THE LONG RUN AFTER YOUR INJURIES!! I totally understand how awesome it feels to get back out there and I can't wait for sad all about your HALF that you are going to rock next week!

  2. YAyyyyyyy!! So happy for you! That is great news to kick off the week! Hoooray!

  3. glad you rocked your long run! You are going to fly through your half!