Monday, October 24, 2011

Temecula Half Marathon Quickie!

And I really mean it when I say quickie! I'm still playing catch-up and actually start a new class today, so I'm swamped.

First, the positives....
I accomplished almost all of my goals! And then some!

#1-I did not poop in my shorties.
#3-I wore a cute outfit! I seriously got a bazillion compliments on my Team Sparkle skirt. I'm thinking I need another one.
#4-I ran at an 8:40 pace and finished 62nd overall, 18th woman, 8th in my AG. 1:53:36


#2- I did have to stop and poop. DAMNIT! Me and GU are no longer friends, I fear. But more on that later.

The race was, well... Interesting. More on that later too. Let's just say that if I had trained for this as a goal race, I'd be pretty unhappy. Aid stations were lame and infrequent, there was 1 toilet on the entire route, you had to pay an extra $5 if you wanted a CHEESY race t-shirt and there was no finisher's medal. $40 entry fee? I'm thinking it should have been $20. If that.

Since it was a solid training run, and I'm not injured, it's all good! I'm thrilled!

Talk to you later, blog friends!


  1. The skirt looks great and I am glad you met all of your goals except the pooping one! LOL! At least it wasn't in your shorts! :)

  2. LOVE the skirt. Glad you are looking at it like a good training run but I have to admit I am looking forward to the GU story :)

  3. YAY allison! nice job! and you do look mighty cute in that skirt!

  4. Meeting 3/4 goals is not bad! That sucks that the aid stations were infrequent. I ran a half a couple of years ago that had no port-a-johns on the course. WTF?!? Runners poop.

    Huge yay for not being injured and getting in a solid 13.1 miles!

  5. Ooh!!!! I love quickies:)

    Great job!! 20 seconds under goal pace for this one definitely a positive!

  6. Awesome! Congrats on a great race, Allison. All you work during recovery, pool runs and all paid off!
    Nice job!

  7. poop will always be the bane of my existence as a's amazing how much our performance depends on that factor.

    Nice race! let's hear the long version!