Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I just completed my last assignment for my Creative Writing class:  a 13-page short story. 

I am now officially

...of the way done with graduate school (M.A in English-General Studies).

I ask myself daily why I decided this would be a swell idea.

Probably the wrong question to ask someone who willingly trains for a 26.2 mile race (more than once).

This is one marathon I will never do again.

12 more hours... I can do it!!!


  1. Wow! Mom of three, marathon training, and graduate school. Phew, that is a lot!! Good luck with the last 1/3!

  2. Been there and its a tough juggling act for sure. 2/3 will move quickly into "almost there" before you know it.

    Kinda like when "you're almost there" at mile 20 :)

    Go get'em!

  3. You will get there! Just keep moving!

  4. Wahooo! how exciting! What a huge accomplishment. I can't imagine doing all that with kids. I got my Masters before kids and it was hard enough. Thanks for your great comment. I'm the same way with having my intro. Once that is done and I love it, the rest just flow. And intro is sooo important. Ahhh!